New Addition to the Family: Adopt-A-Manatee® for Mom

For further information
Contact: Diana Ngai
Communications and Outreach Manager
Phone: (407) 539-0990

For Immediate Release: April 17, 2019

Note: A high resolution jpeg (300 dpi) of a manatee mom and calf photo, and the Kevin Rowley ornament, are available upon request.

Also, ask for the Club’s new print Mother’s Day public service announcements, available in three sizes! 

Easier to care for than a newborn, less dishes than breakfast in bed, and more hypoallergenic than kittens: You can adopt a real manatee this Mother’s Day through Save the Manatee Club. The Club’s popular program features living, named manatees with known histories and is a great present for your mom, wife, grandmother, best friend, or anyone special in your life.

Mothers Day Manatee and Calf Ornament
A handcrafted ornament with a manatee mother and calf is available free when you adopt at $35 or more.

Annual membership adoptions at Save the Manatee Club feature a personalized adoption packet that includes an adoption certificate, photo, and life history of a real Florida manatee, and a fact-filled membership handbook. Four print newsletters and six e-newsletters are also sent to gift recipients throughout the year. Adopt at the $35 level or above and receive an adorable manatee mom and calf ornament by Kevin Rowley with the packet. Shipping is free within the United States. The manatees up for adoption include manatee moms Una, Aqua, Moo Shoo, Lily (a grandmother herself), and the rather rare mother-of-twins Phyllis. All of these manatees and more can be viewed on the Club’s website at Order by May 2nd for Mother’s Day delivery within the United States. 

“Saving manatees involves rescue, rehabilitation, and so much more,” explains Patrick Rose, Save the Manatee Club’s Executive Director and Aquatic Biologist. “One of the best ways I know to ensure the future of these gentle creatures is to protect the aquatic habitat manatees call home.”

Save the Manatee Club was founded in 1981 by former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham and singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett. The Club’s mission is to protect manatees and their habitat. For the past 38 years, Save the Manatee Club, an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has educated millions around the world about imperiled manatees and the threats to their long-term survival.

“Through the Adopt-A-Manatee program, anyone and everyone can be a part of the work done at Save the Manatee Club,” says Rose.

For more information about manatees and adopting a real manatee as a gift or for yourself, contact Save the Manatee Club at 500 N. Maitland Ave., Maitland, FL 32751, call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646), or visit their web site at You can also read about the Club’s activities and accomplishments or follow the Club using TwitterFacebookPinterest, and Instagram. Check out manatee videos on YouTube.