Learn About Manatees Virtually!

Presentations Available for Schools and Groups

Screen shot of the Virtual Manatee Presentation
Virtual presentations include a PowerPoint presentation, manatee videos, and a question and answer session with experienced staff or volunteers. Presentations can be tailored for the length of time desired.

Save the Manatee Club is now offering virtual manatee presentations for schools and other groups upon request. Each session features a visual presentation, cool manatee videos, and Q&As with experienced staff and volunteers. The presentation lasts 20-30 minutes, with time for questions, or it can be tailored to the length of time desired. Topics include manatee anatomy, animal relatives of manatees, manatee research, and manatee protection. Older students and adults can learn more about manatee conservation efforts and how they can help. Come “Meet the Florida Manatee” and learn about these unique aquatic mammals right at home.

For Educators

Educators can request a presentation for their elementary, middle, or high school classrooms using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or your preferred platform. Each presentation will be suitable for your grade level and can be accompanied with the lessons and activities in our Educator’s Guide, available by mail upon request or as a free download. Email SMC Volunteer Specialist Gina McClain at volunteer@savethemanatee.org to schedule a presentation. Include your name and contact info, class grade level, potential dates and times for a presentation (with at least one week of advance notice), and any special requests.

Students show artwork during a virtual presentation on manatees.
Mrs. Mullins’ 1st grade class enjoyed a virtual presentation from SMC volunteer Shari. Click on the photo above or on this link to learn about our volunteer guest speakers.

For Other Groups

Would your social club, volunteer group, or homeowner’s association enjoy learning about manatees? Consider a virtual presentation from Save the Manatee Club for your next monthly meeting or virtual event. Email SMC Volunteer Specialist Gina McClain at volunteer@savethemanatee.org to schedule a presentation using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or your preferred platform. Include your name and contact info, information about your group, preferred virtual meeting platform, potential dates and times for a presentation, and any special requests.

Want to Present?

Do you love talking about manatees or helping people learn about manatee conservation? Sign up to become a Volunteer Presenter for Save the Manatee Club. Volunteers should have a reliable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone, and be knowledgeable (or eager to learn) about protecting manatees and their aquatic habitat. Training will be provided. Visit savethemanatee.org/volunteer to complete an application.

Recorded Presentations

Want to tune into a presentation on-demand? View these recorded presentations by Save the Manatee Club staff and volunteers.

Microsoft EDU Live Event – Meet the Florida Manatee – Learn all about manatees with SMC Director of Multimedia and Manatee Research Associate Cora Berchem, and hear student questions from around the world.

St. Petersburg Science Festival – Save the Manatee Club – Manatee presentation for elementary school students by SMC volunteer Andrea Swinehart.

Global Education Alaska – Save the Manatee Club – This manatee presentation by SMC volunteer Shari Dworkin-Smith reached elementary school students remote learning all over Alaska!