Amber’s New Calf

Amber the manatee.
Manatee Specialist Wayne Hartley first observed that Amber was pregnant on November 23, 2016.

Here’s video from SMC’s webcams of the pair at Blue Spring State Park, in Orange City, Florida, when the calf was just six to seven weeks old. The “A’s” on Amber are freeze brands, which are used when a manatee is being tracked and has no other identifying markings. Amber was rescued as a calf, raised at SeaWorld for several years, and then released at Blue Spring. Manatee calves normally spend one to two years with their mothers, so Amber was tracked to make sure she had a successful reacclimation back into the wild. (Video ©Save the Manatee Club.)

Please remember to observe from a distance when you spot manatees in the wild and never disturb or separate a mother and calf. Manatee calves need their moms to survive!

Amber the manatee and her calf.
The first time Amber was seen with the little calf, presumed about 3 weeks old at the time, was April 1, 2017 at Blue Spring State Park by researchers from Sea to Shore Alliance.
Amber the manatee and her calf.
The pair was seen at Blue Spring State Park almost every day during April, either by observations in person by park or Save the Manatee Club staff, or on the above-water webcams.

This is Amber’s fourth calf. We don’t know yet if the calf is a boy or a girl. Above, watch a video of Amber and her calf in the early evening sun at Blue Spring State Park. This video was recorded in April 2017 with Save the Manatee Club’s webcam. (Video ©Save the Manatee Club.)

Amber the manatee and her calf
Amber is the daughter of Ann and twin sister of Amanda, both of whom are Blue Spring winter visitors.

Here’s the latest video from the Manatee Webcams of the mom and calf pair, taken on May 11, 2017 at Blue Spring State Park. It’s so nice that Amber’s reacclimation back into the wild has been successful. (Video ©Save the Manatee Club.)