Paddle Tales eNewsletter: August 2023
Features – It’s A Fact: Manatee Respiration | The Many Ways to Participate in the Virtual 5k | SMC Has A New Address | Don’t Miss: A Place To Roam, Our New Webinar On Manatees and Their Habitat

Glitter Inner Tubes: No Good for the Environment

2023 Manatee Art Contest: The Winners Are In!

Video: What is the purpose of the manatee’s flipper nails?

Paddle Tales eNewsletter: June 2023
Features – It’s A Fact: Manatee Migration | Boat Safely This Summer! | The Manatee 5k Goes International | Don’t Miss: Fertilizer-Free for Manatees campaign starts June 1

2023 Manatee Art Contest

Florida Legislative Wrap-Up

Manatee Sightings: June 2023

Video: How long are manatees in rehabilitation for?

Paddle Tales eNewsletter: April 2023
Features – It’s A Fact: Manatee Migration  | Adoptee Updates: Remembering Lesley and celebrating a birth for Annie | Meet A Manatee: Deep Dent

Spotlight: Red Tide

Manatee Sightings: April 2023

Getting Hands-On to Celebrate Seagrass Awareness Month

Video: Do manatees use echolocation?

Paddle Tales eNewsletter: February 2023
Features – It’s A Fact: Manatee calves | Upcoming Events, and Celebrating 20 years of the Manatee 5k! | SMC Executive Director Patrick Rose on What’s Good In Tampa Bay with Ann Kelly | Meet A Manatee: Phyllis

Manatee Sightings: February 2023

Let’s Talk (Manatee) Tracking!

Video: Do manatees sneeze?

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