Paddle Tales eNewsletter: October 2022
Features – It’s A Fact: Manatee Sounds | Caption Contest | Don’t Miss: New Adoptee Profiles!

More Manatee Sightings in the Wekiva River

Please Keep Your Distance From Mating Herds
Why disturbing mating herds can harm humans and manatees alike

Video: How many species of manatees are there?

Paddle Tales eNewsletter: August 2022
Fertilizer-Free for Manatees | 2022 Summer Cleanups | It’s A Fact: Marching Molars | Adoptee Philip

Video: Manatee Anatomy: Show & Tell
How much do you know about manatee anatomy? Join SMC’s Director of Multimedia & Manatee Research Associate Cora Berchem to learn more about the manatee’s skeletal system

Podcast: When We Talk About Animals: The Fight to Save Florida’s Manatees
Aquatic biologist and SMC executive director Patrick Rose discusses his life’s work

Paddle Tales eNewsletter: June 2022
It’s A Fact: Manatee Vision | Virtual 5k

Manatee Lady
Helen Spivey, environmentalist and fierce advocate, passes away at 94

Zelda the Manatee Joins Adoption Program

Keep Me Tangle Free!
Why debris in waterways is dangerous to manatees and other wildlife

Manatee Sightings: June 2022

Video: Do manatees have twins or triplets?

Paddle Tales eNewsletter: April 2022
It’s A Fact: Florida’s Springs | Springs & Manatees webinar | ABC News feature, “It’s Not Too Late”

Manatees On The Mend
Updates on manatees that have been recently rescued, released, or are currently in rehabilitation

Welcome Back, Volunteers!
After nearly two years at home, in-person events are back and we could not be happier!

Manatee Sightings: March 2022

Video: How long can manatees stay underwater?

Paddle Tales eNewsletter: February 2022
It’s A Fact: Sirenians | Science Friday on “The Race to Save Florida’s Manatees” | Manatee Research webinar

Winter News: January 2022
The latest news and updates from the 2021-2022 manatee season

New Mobile Manatee Sighting Form
Report healthy manatee sightings with our new online tool!

Manatee Sightings: February 2022

Video: How Far Do Manatees Migrate?

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