Support for the Manatee Webcams at Blue Spring State Park was made possible by a donation to Save the Manatee Club as a memorial gift in honor of the late Mrs. Norma Norton, a Florida resident who cared deeply for manatees.

Click the following link if you are using a mobile device or are having problems viewing the webcams.

Please Note: We are currently alternating our livestream with prior recordings or recordings from the season. You can also scroll down the page to see other manatee videos from the web cam. Any people seen in the videos are researchers or other individuals with special permission.

Latest Manatee Update

February 15, 2018:

Cora Berchem, the Club’s Multimedia Specialist, managed a roll call the day after Valentine’s Day. The river temp was 71° F (21.5° C). She counted four manatees and only one could be ID’d. That manatee was not a Save the Manatee Club adoptee. We hope for another cold wave. — Wayne Hartley, Manatee Specialist.

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Please call Blue Spring State Park before you visit to get the latest manatee count at the park: 386-775-3663.