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If you’re passionate about manatees and have some time to spare, you can become a Save the Manatee Club volunteer! Whether you live in Florida, elsewhere in the U.S., or across the globe, there is likely a position for you. If you’re interested, please scroll down to learn more about the available positions, then click the button below to fill out an application!

Volunteer Positions

Blue Spring Manatee Observer Volunteer

This position is open to residents of Volusia, Orange, Lake and Seminole Counties between the months of April – October. Manatee Observer Volunteers will educate visitors and help prevent manatee harassment at Blue Spring State Park during the summer months if manatees enter the spring run. Volunteers may be pre-scheduled or called on short-notice to assist at the park. Mandatory orientation sessions are offered in the spring. Volunteers can assist from the boardwalk or from a kayak. Mandatory kayak training is also offered in the spring. Click the following link to read more about the Manatee Observer Program. For detailed information on this position please email


This position is available for Florida residents who are 18 years of age or older (must also have a valid driver’s license and current auto insurance). Save the Manatee Club asks festival volunteers to become a member, which means they Adopt-A-Manatee for themselves or as a gift (starting at a $25 donation). Festival volunteers staff information tables at manatee-related events year-round. They provide information on the Club and manatees to the public and should be knowledgeable (or eager to learn) about protecting manatees and their aquatic habitat. Days and times of festivals vary. This requires a minimum of 2-4 hours per festival.

Speaking Presentations

This position is available for volunteers 18 or older, living both in and outside of Florida. There is no membership requirement for volunteer presenters. Volunteers present about manatees and the Club to schools and other public groups, both virtually and in person. They should be knowledgeable (or eager to learn) about protecting manatees and their aquatic habitat. Materials will be provided.

Manatee Outreach Ambassador

This position is available for volunteers living both in and outside of Florida, and a great opportunity for those who visit Florida. There is no age or membership requirement. Manatee Outreach Ambassadors will help Save the Manatee Club find public places to provide manatee information and outreach material, such as parks, marinas, tour operators, visitor centers, schools, and more. They will email suggestions to SMC staff. Training will be provided.

Grassroots Activism (E-mail Action Alert Team)

This position is available for volunteers living both in and outside of Florida who have access to e-mail. There is no age or membership requirement for grassroots activism volunteers. This is a critical way you can help manatees. Write, fax, or e-mail policy makers at all levels of government and let them know you support strong manatee protection measures. We will e-mail notices of manatee issues that require your help.

Cary Evans, Save the Manatee Club volunteer
Save the Manatee Club Volunteer Cary Evans has helped with the Club’s Manatee Observer program, festivals, and presentations. “My favorite moments are where I get to teach others about manatees,” she said.

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