Save the Manatee Club supports researchers and communities in many places outside of Florida. Donations through our international rescue fund have supported:

  • Wildtracks, the only manatee rehabilitation facility in Belize caring for sick and orphaned manatees. Donations have purchased Esbilac milk replacement formula, probiotics and vitamins, thermometers, GPS tracking gear, cameras for research, brushes, scales, pumps, a pressure washer, solar power equipment, and much more.
  • The African Marine Mammal Organization in Cameroon through funds as well as outreach and education efforts.
  • Alternative livelihood opportunities to communities in Nigeria where manatees are still traditionally hunted for sustenance.
  • Assistance with re-building the Centro de Conservación the Manatíes del Caribe in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria destroyed most of the facility.
  • Funding for the rescue, relocation, and care of several manatees in Colombia to protect them from poaching.
  • Efforts in Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, Senegal, Liberia, and Peru.