Save the Date!

November 29, 2022

By now you’ve likely heard of Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving and biggest one-day fundraising campaign of the year for many benevolent organizations worldwide. We’re turning Giving Tuesday into #GivingTeesday to raise funding for manatee protection efforts. There are thousands of reasons to consider helping manatees—from the thousands of waterways in Florida to the over 1,000 manatees that passed away in 2021. Our financial goal for the day is a lofty one, but, with your help, an achievable one — our wish is to be able to raise $41,000 for manatees in 24 hours in recognition of our 41 years of work.

How can you help manatees achieve this goal?

  • Donate: Check back with us on Giving Teesday at to help get our goal meter closer to completion!
  • Share: Share our graphics on social media or change your profile picture for the day to let people know you support manatees.
  • Fundraise: Start a campaign on a fundraising platform like JustGiving, Facebook, Tiltify, or Streamlabs. You can fundraise with a 5k, video game stream, bake sale, or just use it as an opportunity to share and educate your friends and family. For a simpler fundraising experience with quick setup, you can also add a donate button to a Facebook or Instagram post.
  • Educate: If you are unable to donate, spending time spreading awareness and educating people about manatees is a great way to help. Whether they become a better steward for the environment or learn how to safely observe a manatee, our individual actions can make a huge impact.