Meet A Manatee: Whiskers

A manatee with a playful and curious personality

Date: April 11, 2018

Whiskers the manatee
Whiskers on December 28, 2017 at Blue Spring State Park.

Whiskers was first identified in November 1996 when he came to Blue Spring State Park with his mother, Dana, who was also in Save the Manatee Club’s manatee adoption program. Whiskers has a playful and curious personality, and he came readily to the research canoe for “manatee roll call” even as a calf.

As Whiskers matured into an adult, that playful and curious personality stayed with him. He would still swim up the run with enthusiasm and was often one of the last manatees counted as he was busy playing. As he has gotten older, Whiskers seems to be settling down somewhat and is showing more maturity. Wayne Hartley, Manatee Specialist for Save the Manatee Club, calls him a “Tail-End Charlie,” because he has been known to arrive at Blue Spring a month or so after manatee season begins in November. Never an attendance champion, Whiskers typically makes anywhere between 10 and 12 visits to Blue Spring each winter.

Whiskers is available for adoption, and each person who adopts him will receive a full-color photo, biography, and adoption certificate, as well as a membership handbook and subscription to The Manatee Zone, a newsletter featuring updates on the adopted manatees when they are sighted, and Paddle Tales, Save the Manatee Club’s bi-monthly eNewsletter. For more information about adopting Whiskers, go to Save the Manatee Club’s Adopt-A-Manatee page, or call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646).

And be sure to watch for Whiskers and other manatees on the Blue Spring webcams at and read updates from Manatee Specialist Wayne Hartley.

Watch video of Whiskers at Blue Spring State Park.