Meet A Manatee: Rocket

Rescued as an orphan, he is a manatee success story

Updated October 2, 2022

Rocket the manatee swims in Blue Spring State Park.
Rocket received his name because he was known to “rocket” around his tank while he was in rehabiliation at SeaWorld Orlando. Now grown, he is still small for an adult male.

Rocket was rescued as an orphaned calf at Blue Spring State Park in 2006. At the time, he was nicknamed “Tiny” because he was so small. He was taken to SeaWorld Orlando for treatment, where he was renamed “Rocket” because he had been known to “rocket” around the tank during his rehabilitation. When Rocket was released at Blue Spring two years later, he was a healthy 745 pounds and immediately rocketed around the run, living up to his name.

Annie, another Blue Spring adoptee, and Rocket were in the same tank at SeaWorld, and when they were released, they stayed together for about a year and a half. This behavior is unusual outside of mother and calf pairs. But wherever Annie went, Rocket was sure to follow. The park staff called them “the kids” or “the twins.”

Both Annie and Rocket have returned to winter at Blue Spring, although by now, they have gone their separate ways. After staying with Annie in the wild for a year and a half, Rocket went out on his own. He is still small for an adult male and will probably always be that way.

During manatee season, check our Blue Spring webcams for updates on the latest news on Rocket and other Blue Spring manatees.

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