Meet A Manatee: Paddy Doyle

He is a feisty manatee known to winter regularly at Blue Spring

Updated: October 1, 2022

Paddy Doyle the manatee
Paddy Doyle takes a rest at Blue Spring State Park.

Paddy Doyle was named at the request of a visiting researcher who was Irish and thought it would be nice to have an “Irish” manatee at Blue Spring. It turns out that Paddy’s “fighting Irishman” name is quite appropriate. During three different winter seasons, researchers selected him to be monitored by the manatee tracking program. Each time Paddy had to be captured to be fitted for his equipment, his feisty nature was evident. However, researchers managed to tag him despite his resistance.

Paddy returns regularly to Blue Spring each winter and makes a number of showings at “roll call” each winter, when researchers travel the spring run in a canoe and count the manatees present. In fact, Paddy likes the area so much he has been known to stop by during the summer months as he cruises around the St. Johns River.

During manatee season, check our Blue Spring webcams for updates on the latest news on Paddy Doyle and other Blue Spring manatees.

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