Meet A Manatee: Lily

One of the most well-known manatees at Blue Spring State Park

April 27, 2018

Lily the manatee
Lily (at left) on January 23, 2018 at Blue Spring State Park.

Lily is one of the most well-known manatees at Blue Spring State Park. First recorded in 1974, she is a favorite with both park staff and visitors, and they look for her arrival each winter season.

Lily is also well known as the matriarch of a fourth-generation manatee family at Blue Spring State Park. Over the years, Lily has had at least 11 calves of her own, and she is also a great-grandmother! Lily is easily recognized by several distinctive scars that she bears. One of the scars is on the top right side of her back and is left over from a skin fungus. Her other distinctive scars are located on her lower right side and are the result of a boat hit.

Many manatees have preferred habitats they return to each year, and Blue Spring seems to be Lily’s favorite area. In fact, she has visited the park each winter since she was first identified, and she has been known to make anywhere from 20 – 35 visits per season.

Lily is available for adoption, and each person who adopts her will receive a full-color photo, biography, and adoption certificate, as well as a membership handbook and subscription to The Manatee Zone, a newsletter featuring updates on the adopted manatees when they are sighted, and Paddle Tales, Save the Manatee Club’s bi-monthly eNewsletter. For more information about adopting Lily, go to Save the Manatee Club’s Adopt-A-Manatee page, or call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646).

And be sure to watch for Lily and other manatees on the Blue Spring webcams at and read updates from Manatee Specialist Wayne Hartley.

Watch video of Lily at Blue Spring State Park.