Job/Internship Openings

Interested in joining the Mana-Team as a staff member or intern? Currently, we have one open position. If you do not see a position you’re interested in, you are still welcome to send in your resume and references to for consideration for a future opening on our staff. You can also check out our volunteer positions to find more ways to be a part of our team!

Position: Public Relations Specialist

Location: Longwood, Florida
Salary: $35,000 – $45,000
How to apply: Please send a resume, references, and two project samples that showcase your work to


Save the Manatee Club is seeking a dedicated and passionate Public Relations Specialist to join our team. The PR Specialist will be responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies to raise awareness about manatee conservation, promote our initiatives, and engage with the public and media. This role plays a crucial part in advancing our mission to protect and conserve manatees and their habitats. Potential for advancement to a leadership role may be offered after proven success.


As a valuable member of our team, your role will entail developing compelling content across various platforms, including press releases, articles, blog posts, and social media, all focused on promoting manatee conservation efforts. You’ll have the opportunity to create visually engaging materials such as infographics and videos to bolster our PR endeavors. Public outreach will be a key responsibility, involving the organization and execution of events, educational workshops, and community engagement initiatives. As a representative of Save the Manatee Club, you’ll play a vital role in attending public events, conferences, and meetings. Additionally, you’ll host virtual presentations and webinars to expand outreach efforts. Cultivating relationships with key stakeholders, partner organizations, educational institutions, authors, celebrities, and other groups will be instrumental in amplifying the reach of our conservation efforts. During crisis situations, you’ll develop and implement communication plans to address any potential issues or emergencies related to manatee conservation and handle communication with the media and the public. Your expertise in managing social media platforms, engaging with followers to promote manatee conservation awareness, and promptly responding to online discussions, comments, and questions will be highly valuable. Identifying collaboration opportunities with other environmental organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, celebrities, and businesses will be an essential aspect of your role. By cultivating partnerships and joint campaigns, you will enhance the impact of our conservation efforts. Your ability to track and analyze the effectiveness of PR campaigns and outreach initiatives, in addition to an ability to prepare regular reports on media coverage, social media performance, and outreach impact, will aid in data-driven decision-making. In addition to these responsibilities, maintaining accurate records of communications and relevant information will contribute to the smooth functioning of our operations.


We’re looking for a candidate with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, or a related field, along with proven experience in public relations, media relations, or communications, preferably in the nonprofit or environmental sector. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, especially in the realm of science and conservation public communications, are necessary. Strong interpersonal and networking abilities are also essential for this role. Knowledge of environmental conservation issues, particularly related to manatee protection, would be a great advantage. Familiarity with social media platforms and online communication tools, as well as comfort in learning new software, is preferred. As part of our team, you’ll need to be both independent and a collaborative team player. Most importantly, a genuine passion for wildlife conservation and a dedicated commitment to the mission of Save the Manatee Club are fundamental qualities we seek in our ideal candidate. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!