Florida Hometown Democracy:
Put People in Charge of the Places Where They Live!

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  • If you signed a petition before June 2005, please download
    and send a NEW one.
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The Issue:
Take back your neighborhoods! There’s a solution to overcrowded schools, gridlocked roads, diminishing water supply, pollution, and rising property taxes. Join other citizens in controlling unbridled growth that is affecting your very quality of life.

Florida Hometown Democracy (FHD) is a grassroots, non-partisan group who recognize that putting the people in charge of the places where they live is the key to a sustainable future for the state of Florida.

Florida Hometown Democracy has launched a petition drive behind a proposed state constitutional amendment. This amendment lets voters decide whether their city or county comprehensive land use plan will be changed or adopted. Currently, city and county commissions make those decisions.

Read more on this issue from Lesley Blackner, president of Florida Hometown Democracy, Inc., and an environmental attorney in Palm Beach.

What You Can Do:

In June 2006, the Florida Supreme Court unanimously approved the Florida Hometown Democracy petition. Now FHD must collect 611,000 verified petitions to make the 2008 ballot.

  • If you haven't signed a petition, you can click here to get one at the FHD web site (pdf). Print the petition form, sign it and mail the petition to FHD today. You must be registered to vote in Florida for your petition to be valid.

    Next, ask your friends and family members to take the pledge by signing a petition and then getting the signatures of 5 more people.

  • If you signed an FHD petition before June 2005, you need to download, sign, and send in a NEW one. The FHD petition drive had collected over 50,000 petitions from registered Florida voters to get the amendment on the ballot. In March 2005, the Florida Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that the amendment was fine, but the court split 4-3 on the ballot summary. The majority ruled that one sentence in the ballot summary was "political rhetoric." So FHD has taken out the sentence. But they had to start collecting the petitions all over again. Click here to get a new petition at the FHD web site (pdf).

Not Registered To Vote? Go to www.congress.org and click on "Register to Vote." All you have to do is choose your state, fill out a short online form, print the document and mail it in. It's that easy!

For petitions and more information, please contact:

Florida Hometown Democracy, Inc.
P.O. Box 636
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32170
Phone: 866-779-5513
E-mail: flhometown@yahoo.com

Thank you for your help on this important issue for Florida!