Rescue and Rehabilitation Efforts

drcboat2.jpg (31474 bytes)
Dolphin Research Center and state agency personnel work to rescue
a manatee on board a boat donated by SMC. (Photo ©DRC)

Save the Manatee Club has provided funds for equipment used in manatee rescue and rehabilitation efforts, including nets, an isolation pool, a manatee care building, and diving equipment.

Save the Manatee Club also helped fund a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service project to help re-acclimate manatees to the wild and donated funds to help build a shelter for injured manatees awaiting transport in the Florida Keys.

In addition, the Club provides funding for manatee rescue organizations both in and outside of Florida. In 1996, SMC contributed funding for equipment, aerial surveys and manatee care and feeding during the red tide epizootic in southwest Florida. In addition, SMC has donated seven boats and trailers to various agencies and organizations for manatee rescue and research purposes.

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