Party for Manatees!
Students make their occasions special for manatees

What happens when you combine kids, creativity, friends, and a love of manatees? It’s time to party! Meet some students and learn how they generously turned special occasions into an opportunity to help an endangered species:

Lindsay Spencer and her manatee birthday cake.

Lindsay loves manatees, and she's got a big heart when it comes to the aquatic mammals. For her 9th birthday party, held at a local bowling alley, she sent out manatee invitations and gave out some manatee items in the goodie bags for each of her guests. She also took the cash that she received as gifts and put that toward her fundraising efforts to save manatees. For the past year, Lindsay has asked family and friends to donate to a fundraising website to save manatees, and she raised almost $500!

Lindsay and her manatee birthday cake.

Jared Jory-Geiger (center front) and friends at his manatee-themed birthday party. (Photo courtesy Teri Jory)

Jared Jory-Geiger is a 6th grader who lives in California. One of his greatest passions is his love for manatees, so when he turned 12 last summer, he decided to use his birthday party to help them. Jared designed original manatee artwork that was used to create the cake design, T-shirts, thank you notes, and other items for the party, which was held at a local roller rink. He asked his friends to Adopt-A-Manatee or donate to Save the Manatee Club in lieu of getting presents, and he was able to raise more than $1,000 for manatee protection efforts!

Jared also created a charity business project for manatees in his 5th grade class, and he introduced the manatee educational unit that is now part of his school’s 4th grade curriculum.

Alix Kohrs
(l-r) Alix Kohrs, her brother Zane, and sister Andie model their tie dyed manatee T-shirts. (Photo courtesy Alix Kohrs)

Alix Kohrs, a 15-year-old from Texas, took an opportunity from an annual gathering of family and friends to educate others about manatees, raise funds, and have fun at the same time. Each summer, her family has a Tie Dye Party. In honor of the 10th annual party, Alix decided to have a manatee theme. Along with the party invitation, Alix sent a letter providing information on manatees. Her family created a special logo and her parents paid for shirts with the logo printed on them. By giving the shirts out to guests who donated $25 or more, the Kohrs family was able to raise $350 to donate to Save the Manatee Club!


“We are truly grateful for the funds we have received from these students and also for the work they have done in their community to help educate others about manatees,” says Patrick Rose, Executive Director for Save the Manatee Club. “We are always touched by the love that people – especially children – have for manatees, and we are continually amazed at what kids can do when they work to help change our world for the better.”

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