Opinion Editorials


Higher Manatee Count Simply Means We Have More to Protect
Read an op-ed from Dr. Katie Tripp, Save the Manatee Club Director of Science and Conservation
Date: March 23, 2015


On Manatees, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Should Consider
Cautionary Tale of the Indian River Lagoon
Read an opinion-editorial piece by Nathaniel P. Reed,
former Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Fish and Wildlife and Parks
and current Vice Chairman of the Everglades Foundation
Date: August 28, 2014

Manatee Review Should Consider ALL the Facts
Date: July 17, 2014

After Record Losses, What’s in Store for Manatees in 2014?
Date: February 11, 2014


This New Year’s, Resolve to Send a Dear John Letter to St. Augustine Grass
Date: October 31, 2013

The Record You Don't Want To Break
Date: October 31, 2013

Record Deaths, Mysterious Mortality — Ongoing Threats Make Manatee Recovery Tenuous
Date: May 9, 2013

Eradication Of Lyngbya Should Include Starving Algae
Date: April 21, 2013

Seagrasses, Manatees, And The Florida Legislature
Date: March 7, 2013


Water Issues – Crucial For Floridians To Be Involved
Date: September 13, 2012

Help Keep Florida’s Manatees Wild – Do Not Disturb
Date: June 5, 2012

Speed Zones Important For Flagler County Manatees
Read an op-ed by SMC's Katie Tripp in the
Daytona Beach News Journal
Date: May 30th

March Is Seagrass Awareness Month
Date: March 1, 2012


Florida's Environment Needs You Now
Date: April 26, 2011

Lend Your Voice to Manatees
Date: January 6, 2011


Protecting Manatees and Florida’s Aquatic Ecosystems:
A High Stakes Game of Jenga
Date: September 2, 2010

Record Cold, Record Deaths … Manatees Need Help
Date: February 23, 2010


Manatee Deaths From Boat Strikes Approach Record:
Club Asks For Boaters’ Urgent Help
Date: December 18, 2009

Save the Manatee Club Encourages Partnership
Date: August 17, 2009

Survey Says: Threats Still Loom for Manatess

Date: January 6, 2009


Recent Confirmation of Manatee's Endangered Status
Should Kill State Downlisting Plans
Date: November 20, 2007

Will Present Level of Manatee Mortality Be Reduced?
Date: January 1, 2007


What's In A Name? A Lot If You're A Manatee!
Date: June 1, 2006


Earth to Florida: Clean Up Your Language!
Read an opinion-editorial piece on downlisting by
by Dr. Daryl Domning, a Howard University professor
and manatee expert
Date: April 21, 2005

State Must Go Back to Drawing Board on
Imperiled Species Listing Criteria

Date: April 28, 2005


Efforts Underway to Weaken Marine Mammal Protection Act
Date: October 27, 2004

Synoptic Surveys Are Only One Part of the Manatee
Population Puzzle: It's Not Just How Many...
Date: February 25, 2004


State's Revenge Tactics Counter-Productive
To Manatee Protection

Date: April 25, 2003

2003 Annual Synoptic Survey Completed
Date: January 29, 2003

Manatee Downlisting: If the Criteria Don't Fit...
Date: January 16, 2003


Adopt Adequate Manatee Protection and Permitting Can Proceed
Date: December 19, 2002