Pinellas County Lake Tarpon Residents and Hillsborough County Rocky Creek Residents:
We Need Your Help To Locate Several Manatees in Florida!

For further information, contact:

Suzanne Tarr,
Staff Biologist,
Save The Manatee Club
Phone: (321) 278-9072

For Immediate Release: December 17, 2003

This summer, one manatee was reported in Lake Tarpon and several manatees were reported in Rocky Creek behind water control structures and the weirs. As the water temperatures fall in Tampa Bay, manatees must migrate to warm water refugia to survive the winter. However, researchers grow concerned that these manatees may be trapped in cold water, unable to swim to several warm water aggregation sites in Tampa Bay.

You could save a manatee's life!

If you see manatees in Lake Tarpon or above the weirs and water control structures in Rocky Creek, please call Save the Manatee Club at 1-800-432-JOIN (5646) or e-mail us at Please be prepared to give us your name and phone number, the date and time you spotted the manatees, the exact location (street address) where the manatees were seen, and the number of manatees you saw. FWCC researchers need locational information as quickly as possible to respond. If these manatees are located, they can be rescued, assessed, and transported to a warm water site if necessary.

Thank you for looking out for all manatees this winter season!

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