Manatee Sightings

CC the manatee
CC the manatee swimming upside down.
Manatee calf swimming over mom.

Crystal River, Florida: In June, photographer David Schrichte and his son were snorkeling at Three Sisters Springs when "to my surprise, we were treated to a special sight," said David. "A manatee mother and her newborn calf ventured up the narrow canal into the springs with another manatee by the name of CC following close behind." David took several photos, which he shared with Save the Manatee Club. (CC is the manatee with the satellite tracking device around his tail.) "CC was a very playful manatee, doing barrel rolls on a regular basis," said David. (Photos © David R.Schrichte)

Manatee at Blue Spring State Park

Crystal River, Florida: In mid-July, Captain Stacy Dunn took these photos of manatees in her "backyard," in Kings Bay, right across from Kings Spring.


Marco Island, Florida: Laura Larson sent photos of a group of seven manatees she spotted in early June when she requested one of our free public awareness waterway signs for Florida shoreline property owners. "We have a lot of manatees that swim by our dock this time of year and also a lot of boat traffic," said Laura. Manatees are semi-social, somewhat solitary animals, so it's possible that the group Laura saw may have been part of a mating herd.

Two manatees in a mating herd.

Cocoa Beach, Florida: Tamara Kadlec and Tim Carroll sent photos from their September 2010 kayaking trip to Thousand Islands in Brevard County, Florida. In the bottom photo, the manatee is pushing their kayak! Tamara and Tim were emailing to request Save the Manatee Club's free waterproof banner and boat decal for Florida boaters. "We believe in safe boating practices, not only for ourselves but for the wildlife that we enjoy viewing/photographing," said Tamara.

SCF Microgravity Manatees Team Video

Houston, Texas: In June, college mascot “Maverick the Manatee” went along with a group of State College of Florida students, named the "MicroG Manatees," where they participated in microgravity experiments aboard NASA’s Weightless Wonder aircraft (also known as the “vomit comet”). In the video, Maverick enjoys a few moments of zero gravity. Click the image above or click Go>> to start the video. (Video courtesy State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota.)

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