Manatee Sightings

Diver practicing passive observation of a manatee.

Passive Observation Video: Manatee advocate and underwater photographer Tracy Colson documents the wonderful views of natural manatee behavior that snorklers can get by practicing passive observation: float on the surface, be still and quiet, and keep your hands to yourself. The video includes beautiful footage of resting manatees, a manatee doing a barrel roll, and more. Click the image above or click Go>> to start the video .(Video © Tracy Colson )

Manatee mouthing a rope
Manatee at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Homosassa, Florida: Barrie Dixon from England took these two photos of manatees at the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.

Manatee at Blue Spring State Park

Orange City, Florida: Barrie Dixon also took this closeup shot of a manatee surfacing to breathe near the dock at Blue Spring State Park.

Manatee sneeze video

Manatee Sneeze Video: Tracy Colson captures a manatee sneezing underwater. It's too cute! You'll want to see it over and over again. Click the image above or click Go>> to start the video .(Video © Tracy Colson )

Two manatees in a mating herd.

Ft. Pierce, Florida: Cindy Kelly sent this sweet photo from last fall of two manatees nose to nose.

A manatee yawns.

Manatee Yawn Video: It's true! Manatees yawn, too. See the video by Tracy Colson and notice the manatee's prehensile upper lip, which is used to grasp and hold vegetation when feeding. Click the image above or click Go>> to start the video .(Video © Tracy Colson )

Phyllis the manatee and adopted calves

Brevard County, Florida: In February, Patricia Tierney spotted this manatee wearing a "tag" or tracking device in the canal behind her house. Data from tagged manatees help researchers determine movement patterns and use of important habitat. If you see a tagged manatee, please call toll-free 1-888-404-FWCC, or #FWC or *FWC on your cell phone. Note when and where you saw the manatee and the position of the color bands on the transmitter. Please do not touch or grab the tags. They are harmless to the manatee. Get more information on tracking manatee movement>>

Manatee mother and calf.

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida: Karla Klayman took this lovely photo of a manatee mother and calf. She also requested one of our public awareness waterway signs, which are free to Florida shoreline property owners.

Dauphin Island Sea Lab's Manatee float at Mardi Gras.

Mobile, Alabama: In March, our friends at Dauphin Island Sea Lab had a manatee float in a Mardi Gras parade where they flew one of Save the Manatee Club's manatee flags. They also had one of our manatee dock signs on board. Pictured above are the staff, volunteers, and families of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab's Manatee Sighting Network. (Photo courtesy Dauphin Island Sea Lab.)

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