Manatee Sightings

Camo the manatee and calf

Orange City, Florida: On February 7, 2013, Save the Manatee Club's webcam captured this image of Georgia's adopted calf, who looks much healthier. During one chilly period in late December, Georgia was spotted in the spring boil with the calf, who was apparently orphaned and suffering from cold stress. See the video below for the calf's condition in December. (Photo © Patrick M. Rose, Save the Manatee Club)

Camo the manatee and calf

On February 18th, Wayne Hartley, SMC's Manatee Specialist, captured this image of the calf's belly. (Photo © Wayne Hartley, Save the Manatee Club)


Watch video of Georgia with the cold-stressed calf she adopted in late December. You can tell that the calf has experienced cold stress because of the white patches on his skin. (Video © Wayne Hartley, Save the Manatee Club)


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