3D Manatee Craft Project Photos!

Sara from Massachusetts created this project for her 2nd grade Endangered Species Project. "We travel to FL every year to visit Sara's grandparents in Pompano Beach," says Sara's mom, Heather. "One of our favorite things is watching the manatees swim up the intercoastal!"

Cora and her manatee project

Cora from Ontario, Canada
"Cora was a 3rd grader when she did this 3D Manatee project for a class unit on protected species and their habitats," says her dad, Scott. "She was nine in this picture and loved your website. She learned so much about the manatee during this project and is hoping for a trip to Florida so that her and her brother can see a manatee in person."

emma's craft project

Emma from Connecticut
Emma's mom Tammy writes, "Greetings from Connecticut. My daughter, Emma adopted Rosie just yesterday and she is so excited about manatees that we have been enjoying your website and trying out the different projects and games. Emma was very pleased to create the 3D craft project and here is her photo with her completed effort. We would both like to thank you for your great work with protecting the manatees. They are truly incredible animals and we are so glad that good people are helping them live well."

Alexis from Ohio
A 3rd grader, Alexis completed her Manatee 3D Craft Project for a school presentation after reading a book about manatees.

Send Us A Photo of Your 3D Craft Project

Create your own 3D Manatee Craft Project. After you create your own display, parents can email photos of you and your project to education@savethemanatee.org, and we may put them on our web site!

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