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Adopt a real manatee
and help protect an endangered species at the same time. Funds from the Club’s Adopt-A-Manatee program go toward efforts to help protect manatees and their habitat.

Unlike other animal adoption programs, the manatees in our adoption programs are real, living manatees with known histories. You even have the opportunity of seeing your adopted manatee at one of three locations in Florida.

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manatee photo
© Patrick M. Rose

Adopt-A-Manatee® for $25 and Get:

  • An adoption certificate with full-color photo, and biography of a real endangered Florida manatee.
  • A membership handbook.
  • The Manatee Zone, our official Club newsletter. featuring updates on the adopted manatees.
  • Paddle Tales, our e-newsletter (when an email address is provided).
  • FREE SHIPPING for U.S. adoption orders.

Get A Free Heart-Shaped Ornament
For a limited time, when you Adopt-A-Manatee at $35 or more, you'll also receive a FREE heart-shaped manatee ornament (or you can substitute a 2015 manatee wall calendar). Get more info>>

Choose a Manatee: Now comes the fun part. Select a manatee from the adoption program to match your personality or the personality of someone you love. See photos and a list of the manatees available for adoption at our Manatee Adoptees page.

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Howie the manatee
David Schrichte
Photo ©Wayne Hartley, Save the Manatee Club
Photo by Alex Schrichte
Whiskers has been part of Save the Manatee Club’s Adopt-A-Manatee program since 2001. He was first identified in November 1996 when he came to Blue Spring State Park with his mother, Dana, who was also in the adoption program at the time. Go >>
If you've ever seen a manatee photo that has made you gasp with delight, chances are it was taken by David Schrichte. He has captured the spirit of these endangered mammals with his beautiful and endearing images. Go>>

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