Tampa Bay Manatees

ELSIE is easily identified because her tail is badly mutilated from an encounter with a boat propeller.  She has had two calves and once was documented traveling a distance of about 111 miles in about 23 days.
FLICKER is an adult female first documented in 1983 in Ft. Myers. She is named Flicker because she has a series of small propeller scars that reminded researchers of flickering flames. Flicker has been seen at Tampa Electric's Big Bend power plant each winter.
JEMP was rescued in 1995, after being exposed to red tide. He spent some time in rehabilitation and was released later that year. Jemp is known to frequent the Sarasota and Lemon Bay areas, but he also travels ina wide range along Florida's west coast.
VECTOR is a traveling man(atee).  He has been tracked in Florida as far north as the Suwannee River and as far south as the Peace River.
  Also in the Tampa Bay program is a manatee who frequents the west coast of Florida, south of Tampa Bay.

GINGER is known to winter at the FPL plant in Tice, Florida, and she has been seen every summer since 1994 in the Marco Island area.   Ginger has two known calves.  One of them was born in 1996 and is named Ale!

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