Manatees Available for Adoption

Chessie the manatee CHESSIE was first sighted in the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland in July of 1994. This rare manatee sighting created quite a stir. By October of that year, after it was determined that he was not going to head south on his own, Chessie was rescued and flown back to Florida so he wouldn't die from cold stress. Chessie has been known to travel along the east coast of Florida and the southeastern coast of the U.S.

Photo by Kit Curtin

  ILYA was known to researchers for 15 years before he decided to travel outside Florida. And travel he did! In the summer of 2009, he went all the way to Cape Cod, Massachusetts before being rescued from chilly waters near New Jersey in October 2009 so he wouldn't die from cold stress. Ilya travels along the east coast of Florida and has been known to travel along the southeastern coast of the U.S..

Proceeds from adoptions of Ilya will go toward rescue and rehabilitation efforts for manatees.
Ilya the manatee

Photo courtesy Marine Mammal Stranding Center

Each year, many manatees are disturbed, injured, or killed by human activities, including boat strikes, entanglements, and habitat loss. Save the Manatee Club works to recover the entire manatee population from its present endangered status, and safeguarding the welfare of individual manatees is key to the recovery of the species. This includes the rescue and rehabilitation of manatees injured from a boat strike or entanglement or who simply find themselves too far from home when the waters start to cool. Although most of the manatees who wander north make it back safely on their own, others would certainly die from cold stress without these rescue efforts.

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