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Current Issues

Controversial Federal Action Puts Manatees In Harm's Way
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service issued its final rule to downgrade the status of the West Indian manatee from endangered to threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act despite strong scientific and legal evidence that shows the downlisting of manatees is not warranted at this time. Learn why we are opposed to downlisting.>>

Florida Residents: Contact Your Legislators to Express Disappointment
In early May, House and Senate budget leaders agreed to defund Florida Forever and slash the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Budget by 20 percent (approximately $325 million) from last year as part of 2017 budget negotiations. Please call or write your State Representative and Senator and tell them you think this was the wrong choice for Florida's Future. Ask your elected representatives to commit to supporting legislation in the 2018 Legislative Session, which dedicates a minimum of 25 percent of Water and Land Conservation Amendment dollars to Florida Forever priority projects and the Florida Communities Trust program. Click the following link to find your State Representative and Senator.

Silver Springs Needs Your Help! 
Sleepy Creek/Adena Springs Ranch in Marion County, Florida, has applied for an additional water permit to withdraw another 1.12 million gallons per day (mgd) that will result in a total of 2.54 mgd for cattle grazing and processing operations. Silver Springs already suffers an estimated 40% reduction in flow from historical levels as a result of recent drought conditions and overpumping in the springshed. Approval of this permit will not only exacerbate water quality problems in Silver Springs and the Silver River, but would also enable additional cattle operations that would add manure and urine to a springshed that is already impaired for nutrients.Tell the St. Johns River Water Management District that you are opposed to the project.>>

Give Manatees Sanctuary
Each year, manatees travel to the warm springs of Kings Bay, in Florida’s Citrus County, to survive the cold winters. Upon their arrival, they are rebuffed by thousands of humans whose careless behaviors deny them access to or chase them from these critically important warm-water refuges. Please watch our video and sign a petition urging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to make Three Sisters Springs a true winter sanctuary for manatees.>>

Florida's Algal Blooms: What You Can Do
Clean water and a healthy environment is not just an environmental matter. Dirty water is a threat to health; to our economy; and to the quality of life for humans and other species. We know that there can seem to be too few hours in the day to volunteer and take action, but we are at a critical time in our state's history. We need Floridians from every corner of the state and every walk of life to send a clear message that we demand clean water.>>

Demand Clean Water For Wildlife & People
The Floridians' Clean Water Declaration is a positive vision to inspire people to work together to create a new water ethic, find solutions to Florida's water quality and quantity problems and send a clear message to our water managers that the people of Florida demand clean water. Please sign the declaration>>

Sign The Now Or Neverglades Declaration

Three nationally vital estuaries in Florida are in long-term collapse due to the damming, diking, and draining of the River of Grass. The Herbert Hoover Dike that contains Lake Okeechobee prevents fresh water from following its historic path southward through the Everglades. The resulting salinity imbalances in all three estuaries cause seagrass die-offs, dangerous algal blooms, multi-year ecosystem collapse, and economic hardship. Please join individuals and organizations and sign a declaration saying that you support more than 200 Everglades scientists and urge decision makers to use Amendment 1 and other funds to secure land without delay, to increase storage and treatment of fresh water south of Lake Okeechobee, and additional flow from the lake southward, in order to restore the Everglades, Florida Bay, and the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie estuaries.>>

Florida Residents: Help Manatees By Signing A Petition to Restore the Ocklawaha River at
Restoration of the Ocklawaha River would provide much-needed winter habitat for manatees and would benefit other wildlife as well as Florida's springs. It would reestablish traditional manatee access routes to the upper Ocklawaha River, its tributaries, and the St. Johns River, and several potential warm water refuges along the Ocklawaha River would become available. The restoration of the Ocklawaha River would also support the return of native plants and provide a more diverse supply of vegetation to serve as a food source for manatees. Florida Residents or Property Owners: Click here to sign the petition now at!

Urge Governor Scott To Lead The Way In Safeguarding Florida's Aquatic Environment
Please send a quick online message asking Florida Governor Rick Scott to lead the way in safeguarding Florida's aquatic environment for manatees and other wildlife and for people, too.>>

Florida's Land and Water Legacy
Florida voters approved Amendment 1, which will provide funding to help protect rivers, lakes, and springs without any increase in taxes. Save the Manatee Club is part of a coalition of individual volunteers and conservation organizations from across the state who worked to put The Water and Land Conservation Amendment on the ballot in Florida. Get more information on the Florida Land and Water Legacy and how you can get involved.>>

Other Ways to Help Manatees

Sign the Endangered Species Act Legacy Pledge!
You can help protect the Endangered Species Act (ESA), a safety net for our nation's wildlife, fish and plants on the brink of extinction. For over 30 years, the ESA has provided critical protections for endangered species and the places where they live. Please sign the Endangered Species Act Legacy Pledge (SMC is a member of the Endangered Species Coalition) and show your support. When various threats arise to the Endangered Species Act in the form of legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives or the Senate or negative administrative actions, the conservation community will be able to take the list of pledge supporters to Members of Congress and let them know that their constituents support strong protections for our nation’s endangered fish, plants and wildlife.>>

Join the Manatee Sighting Network

Have you seen a manatee in the wild lately? If you live along a river, estuary, canal or coastal area in Florida, you can help provide valuable information to researchers who are tracking manatees. When you spot a manatee, just fill out our simple one-page form>>

Register To Vote!
Being an advocate means taking an active part in government. The best way you can do this is register to vote. You can do this online by going to the League of Women Voters or Rock the Vote web sites. It's easy!

Write a Letter to Your Local Paper
Writing letters to your local newspaper is a very powerful and effective way to voice your position on manatee issues within your community. See a sample letter and get some helpful tips.>>

More Things You Can Do to Help Manatees>>

Action Tips for Kids>>

Thanks for your help and support!

Federal Action Puts Manatees In Harm's Way
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Silver Springs
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Florida's Algae Blooms
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Now or Neverglades
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Provide Habitat for Manatees: Restore the Ocklawaha River
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Demand Clean Water for Wildlife & People
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Urge Governor Scott To Safeguard Florida's Aquatic Environment
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Florida's Land
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