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Twiggy To Be Returned To The Wild!
We Need Your Help To Ensure Her Safe Release

David R. Schrichte manatee photo
An earlier photo of Twiggy, after she was rescued, with Paul Walker of Wildtracks. (Photo courtesy Wildtracks.)

There's an African proverb that translates to "It takes a village to raise a child." I also believe it takes a village to raise an orphan baby manatee. For more than two years, you, our members and supporters, have been contributing funds and supplies to help Twiggy, a small baby manatee who washed up on the shore in Belize, motherless, with oyster shell cuts all over her face from struggling in shallow water, lacking the energy to protect herself. Twiggy was terribly skinny (which is how she got her name), and in serious need of help. With your help, this fragile baby manatee has grown and gained strength, and now she is preparing for her next big adventure -- release back into the wild.

I need the help of the village one more time, to ensure Twiggy's safe release. Please click here to donate to our International Rescue Fund.

Twiggy needs to be fitted with a satellite transmitter around the base of her tail so that her movements can be tracked after release. We use the same technology on manatees in Florida. These tags, and the monthly monitoring fees to follow her movements, come with a heavy price tag. All told, we are looking at a cost of $7,200. It was expected that Twiggy could use a borrowed tag, but when this tag recently became unavailable, the folks at Wildtracks, where Twiggy was rehabilitated, were faced with the possibility of releasing Twiggy without this vital piece of equipment. We couldn't let that happen! We have all worked so hard to give Twiggy the care and support she needs to succeed -- we couldn't let her down now. We have agreed to pay for Twiggy's tag and monitoring cost, but this has taken a toll on our rescue fund.

I need your help today to replenish this fund so that, in the future, we don't have to say "no" to orphan manatees like Twiggy. Click here now to make a donation to our International Rescue Fund.

Thank you so much for helping Twiggy, and for giving to our International Rescue Fund! I know you join with me in wishing her well as she begins a new chapter in her life as a manatee living free.


Katie Tripp, Ph.D.
Director of Science and Conservation
Save the Manatee Club
Join Us On A Trip To Belize
Save the Manatee Club is teaming up with Holbrook Travel on a 2013 trip to Belize for the opportunity to view manatees and other incredible native wildlife. Tour dates are April 12 - 21. Highlights of the trip include a visit to Sarteneja, where you will stay with a local family, and a visit to the Wildtracks Manatee Rehabilitation Center, where Twiggy and other manatees in Belize receive rehabilitation. The trip will be led by SMC's Dr. Katie Tripp. Click here to get more information and pricing. A deposit of $200 per person is due by December 13, 2012.

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