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Dire Year for the Manatee:
Death Toll Highest On Record

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2013 has become the deadliest year ever for Florida's endangered manatees. In total, 829 manatees died last year from all causes from January 1st through December 31st, making it the largest annual manatee die-off in Florida since record-keeping began. The previous record was set in 2010 when biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission documented 766 deaths after hundreds of manatees died from cold stress during that extremely cold winter.

More than twice the number of manatees died in 2013 than died in all of 2012 and with the onset of winter before us and red tide cell counts once again rising in the Southwest, the situation remains very troubling.

with your support, we and our partners were able to save many more manatees from a similar fate, and every attempt must be made to continue these life-saving efforts.

Please listen to a video message from Dr. Katie Tripp, our Director of Science and Conservation:

With 2013's catastrophic loss of manatee lives coming so close on the heels of the mass mortality suffered during 2010, the already difficult job to ensure the survival of these gentle and defenseless marine mammals has been made all the more challenging, and it's not over yet.

What we put into our waters, how much we pump from our aquifer and draw from our springs and rivers, together with how we use our waterways, all has an impact on our own lives and the lives of every aquatic species. We must demand better stewardship of our waters and waterways or suffer even more severe consequences going forward.
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We want to thank the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and other rescue and rehabilitation partners and volunteers for their tireless efforts on the manatee's behalf. If you need a reminder of what Save the Manatee Club has done for manatees, please click here to review our Activities and Accomplishments. With your assistance, we can help ensure a better future for manatees.

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Patrick Rose
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Save the Manatee Club

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