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October 2012

David Schrichte manatee photo
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See this photo by David Schrichte and get a manatee fact.

You're invited to a public forum on manatees in Deltona, FL, on December 1st! Go>>

A Message From Jimmy Buffett
Two manatees swimming Save the Manatee Club has a new TV public service announcement featuring the voice of singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett. In the 30-second ad, the Club's co-founder encourages continued support for Florida's endangered manatees. Watch it now>>

Kayak With The Manatees
A kayaker and manatee It's that time of the year again! Kayak tours to see manatees begin in October and run through April 2013. The ecotours, located in Crystal River, Florida, provide an alternative way to view manatees without disrupting their natural behavior. Go>>

Adopt-A-Manatee® And Get A Free 2013 Calendar
2013 manatee wall calendar Searching for a thoughtful and affordable present this holiday season? For just $25, you can Adopt-A-Manatee for someone you love. Adopt at $35, and they'll also get a free 2013 calendar. Your gift helps fund efforts to protect manatees. Go>>

A Teacher Motivates Her Students With Manatees
Michele Manos and students New York elementary school teacher Michele Manos knows how one particular marine mammal can be effective in the learning process. It seems that manatees, so irresistibly fun and charming, make an ideal teacher's aide. Go>>

Superhero Manatee Slideshow
Manatees: An Educator's Guide Manatees as superheroes? It's true! You will love this delightful series by talented artist Joel Micah Harris. Go>>

Manatee Q & A
Manatee with barnacles Q. I was wondering what Trichechus means in the manatee's scientific name?
Get the answer>>

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2013 Manatee Wall Calendar
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An extraordinary design by Florida artist Nancy Blauers.
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Photo Credits: Table of Contents photo © David Schrichte; A Message From Jimmy Buffett from SMC video public service announcement; Kayak with Manatees, photo courtesy Matt Clemons, Aardvark's Florida Kayak Company; Adopt-A-Manatee And Get A Free Calendar, photo © David Schrichte; A Teacher Motivates Her Students With Manatees, photo courtesy Michele Manos; Superhero Manatees © Joel Micah Harris; Manatee Q & A, photo © David Schrichte; 2013 SMC Holiday Card design by Nancy Blauers. Photos and illustrations can only be used with permission. Contact Save the Manatee Club for more information.